| Wednesday, 2 May 2018 |
Global event

Take Back the Wall...and Just One Thing

12:00 PM
Join us on Wednesday for an extended Common Hour to TAKE BACK THE WALL!
The graffiti wall was created with all good intention and all the right reasons. But someone(s) on or off of our campus decided to turn it into something vile, divisive and ugly. It is time to take this space back; show we are resilient, we care about one another and we are not going to let whoever is responsible take us off our course. This is your opportunity to be creative, positive and send a message to those who would try to destroy what we are trying to build and become as a community.
Starting with “Take Back the Wall,” with the few weeks remaining in the semester at Beloit, let's come together to have fun, celebrate one another, and make individual commitments to do JUST ONE THING to embrace equity and inclusion and showing respect and understanding for one another. Let’s show those who would attack us that we will not stop! We will not quit!
Be at the Wall! Wednesday, May 2 from 12;00 pm - 2:00 pm. Spray paint and other art supplies will be provided!
Open mic begins at 12:30 pm.
Global event

Mitchell Bull, Music Senior Recital

12:30 PM
Mitchell Bull, graduating Senior, will present a Senior Recital on Saxophone. He will be joined in the performance by Anders Svanoe and the Jazz Combo.
Bring your lunch! Enjoy the sounds of the Saxophone and the combo.
Global event

Academic Senate

4:00 PM
Academic Senate Meeting
Global event

(HWC) Sex In The Dark (for real this time!)

7:00 PM
The weather got the best of us last time--but the sun should be on our side now!
Join us for a glow-in-the-dark conversation with our “sexpert” panelists, answering students’ anonymous questions about sex and relationships!
Sexperts: Ron Watson (Political Science/HEAL), Rachel Bergstrom (Biology), Marc Perry (Community Action), Kali Miller (HWC Nurse)
The goals of the event are to foster a sex-positive campus culture by providing student-friendly and medically accurate health information and promoting campus and community-based resources. We hope that students will be more informed about their sexual health, be better prepared to talk about sexual health issues with a partner and be more comfortable accessing sexual health resources on campus and in the community.
Global event

Drop-In Organizational Tutoring

7:00 PM

Drop-In Organizational Tutors are available to help you get organized throughout the semester. Our tutors can help you:

Break tasks down into simpler, less intimidating steps
Develop time-management skills and techniques
Prioritize competing projects and responsibilities
Improve your note-taking abilities
Locate resources for improving your academic performance
Become more self-motivated and think about the best learning strategies for your needs
And develop study skills.

Bring all course syllabi and your preferred planner or calendar, and an organizational tutor will get you on the right track.
BTYB: Learning Enrichment & Disability Services
Global event

Sax, Jazz and Improv

7:30 PM
The Saxophone Quartet, The Jazz Improvisation Combo and the Beloit College Improvisation Ensemble will perform for you in the Java Joint. They do some original compositions and a few classics.
Under the direction of Anders Svanoe.