| Monday, April 30, 2018 |
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COA Meeting

4:00 PM
Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee (COA) Meeting
Global event

Futility and Longing in the Grief of Achilles - Emily Austin

4:00 PM
The grief of Achilles confronts us with a paradox. No action can undo the reality of death; yet the experience of death drives Achilles to endless cycles of grief and anger, as if somehow such activity would heal him of his loss. This talk explores the futile yearning at the heart of Achilles’ grief through the paradoxical phrase “desire for weeping.” Although Achilles repeatedly indulges this desire, it fails to satisfy him; he cannot release his grief or anger until Priam appeals for the body of his son in Book 24. This talk will explore what this feature of the poem’s language might tell us about aimlessness and purpose in grief, the futility of grief-driven action, and the possibility of release and delight.
Global event

Winds & Jazz Concert

7:30 PM
Musical Concert featuring two of the bigger music ensembles. The Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Glenn Wilfong and the Jazz Band, under the direction of John Meyers.
Wind will be performing:
Balkanya by Jan Van der Roost. Three Balkan dances where the composer takes his own approach to the folk music of the Balkan countries. Characterized by unique changes in tempo and spirit.
A Moorside Suite by Gustav Holst. Holst intended the work to be for 'Military Band'. The opening Scherzo belies the serious nature of the work with a light airy tempo. The second movement is Tranquil in the breadth of the chorale. The peace is shattered by a trumphant March.
"Country Band" March by Charles Ives, arr. by James B Sinclair. From the "out of tune" introduction to the pandemonium which reigns at the close, the "Country Band" March is a marvelous parody of the realities of performance by a county band.
Molly on the Shore by Percy Aldridge Grainger. A combination of two Irish Cork Reel tunes, the first, Molly on the Shore, and the second, Temple Hill Reel. Irish music is traditionally set for fiddlers and pipers. A challenge to wind players to use techniques more characteristic to string instruments.
Jazz will perform traditional Big Band sounds and will feature solos by many of our graduating seniors.