| Thursday, April 26, 2018 |
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(HWC and OADI) Offer New Wellness Services for Students

11:00 AM
Beginning Thursday, March 29, the Health and Wellness Center and the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusiveness are excited to offer North Node Clinic's holistic health services to students free of charge.
North Node Clinic is a small clinic in Milwaukee founded by acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist--and Beloit alum--Kellen Grimm and social worker and Ayurvedic nutritionist Ellice Plant. As practitioners and business owners, Kellen and Ellice work to create and maintain healing spaces that are accessible by committing to anti-racist, anti-classist, and queer and transgender competent interactions.
Services available are acupuncture appointments, holistic health counseling appointments, and a drop-in meditation circle. Together, they believe that we are our own truest healers, and that knowing ourselves and our patterns teaches us to heal better.
If you would like to make an appointment, please visit the link and click on Mobile Clinic at Beloit College: Book Now.
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Dean's Office Thursday Lunch

11:30 AM
Dean's Office Thursday Lunch for faculty and staff. Cost for lunch is $5.00; no RSVP is needed.
Event Admission Fee: $5.00
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Warren Palmer Retirement Celebration

4:00 PM
Retirement Celebration for Warren Palmer, Department of Economics.
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ASP Meeting

4:00 PM
Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASP) Meeting
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Baseball At Rockford Univeristy

6:00 PM
Watch the game live here:
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Clybourne Park

7:30 PM
Inspired by the Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, Clybourne Park comically and unflinchingly explores race, segregation and gentrification in a fictional Chicago neighborhood. The play begins in 1959 as a black family prepares to move into an exclusively white part of town. Act Two returns to the same house fifty years later, as gentrification sets in and the roles are reversed. An ensemble of actors play completely different characters in each act of this Pulitzer prize-winning comedy/drama. or

Event Admission Fee: $5, $7, $10
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Creative Strings Collective Concert

7:30 PM
This string collective works on a variety of reperitore which often includes classic pieces and more modern works, as well as pieces which feature upbeat tempos, and some pop chamber music.
Under the direction of Amber Dolphin
No tickets are needed, open to the public.