| Wednesday, April 18, 2018 |
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Faculty Forum

12:00 PM
Faculty Forum: Donna Oliver, Modern Languages and Literatures
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Academic Senate

4:00 PM
Academic Senate Meeting
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James Ford, “Self-Education in Hip-Hop Culture"

7:00 PM
This lecture raises a straightforward but rarely examined question: if hip-hop music encourages ignorance then why are hip-hop lyricists constantly produce a rhetoric of training, of masterful study? In the mouths of hip-hop's lyricists, references to boxing, martial arts, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, weightlifting, and other physical activities form a language that considers the relationship between the creativity and craft of poetic language. To understand the aesthetic and sociopolitical implications for this consistent pattern in hip-hop, this lecture will turn to James Baldwin's writing on Black dialect, where he explains that certain features of Black speech are a critical response to a violent environment. This lecture hypothesizes that hip-hop's rhetoric of training and study is motivated by the desire to survive the backlash to the Civil Rights Movement and, most recently, to survive the collapse of American hegemony. When one cannot depend on formal institutions for education and citizenship's protections, then how does one prioritize self-education? This lecture turns to hip-hop music from Jay-Z, Ghostface, Jean Grae, and many others for insights on better navigating the educational environments we face everyday.
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Drop-In Organizational Tutoring

7:00 PM

Drop-In Organizational Tutors are available to help you get organized throughout the semester. Our tutors can help you:

Break tasks down into simpler, less intimidating steps
Develop time-management skills and techniques
Prioritize competing projects and responsibilities
Improve your note-taking abilities
Locate resources for improving your academic performance
Become more self-motivated and think about the best learning strategies for your needs
And develop study skills.

Bring all course syllabi and your preferred planner or calendar, and an organizational tutor will get you on the right track.
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