| Tuesday, 6 March 2018 |
Global event

What do students say about things that matter to us? (Survey findings)

4:00 PM
Come learn what our students have told the college in recent surveys about some of the things we care most about at Beloit College: the liberal arts in practice, authentic relationships with faculty and staff, equity and inclusion, and academic success.
I'll be hosting three open sessions for students, faculty, and staff:

12:30-1:20 Wednesday (Sanger Center for the Sciences 150)
12:30-1:30 Friday, March 2nd (Sanger Center for the Sciences 150)
4-5pm Tuesday, March 6th (Sanger Center for the Sciences 150)

At these sessions, I'll be sharing findings from our three most recent student surveys: the National Survey of Student Engagement (spring 2017), the CIRP Freshman Survey (August 2017), and the 20 Questions Survey (January 2018).
Global event

(HWC) Therapy Dogs

4:00 PM
Unwind and relax from the day with our furry canine friends!