| Thursday, 1 March 2018 |
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Dean's Office Thursday Lunch

11:30 AM
Dean's Office Thursday Lunch for faculty and staff. Cost for lunch is $5.00; no RSVP is needed.
Event Admission Fee: $5.00
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Let's Be Real: Intersection of Black & Jewish Experience in America

4:00 PM
This event will interrogate the similarities and differences between the Black and Jewish experiences in America. Facilitators Donald Harris ‘19 and Ethan Perel-Wertman ‘20 will prompt attendees to examine intergenerational and current narratives in an attempt to understand what it means to be seen as and not seen as a minority in the United States. Conversation prompts will uncover similarities and differences in both sets of experiences, allowing us to understand what it means to be different in America. Input and feedback will be invited from all who attend.
As always, the goals of Let’s Be Real are to foster community engagement, create learning opportunities, and engage everyone in a meaningful, challenging dialogue.
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ASP Meeting

4:00 PM
Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASP) Meeting
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Disability Day of Mourning Vigil

7:00 PM
The Disability Day of Mourning occurs annually and is a time to honor the victims of filicide (the murder of a person with a disability by their caregiver).
People with disabilities are twice as likely as non-disabled people to be victims of violent crime. Every year, the national media covers dozens of stories about murders of people with disabilities by family members or caregivers, and many more go unnoticed.
Too often, the coverage focuses on sympathy for the murderer, because they had to live with or care for a person with a disability. The message to the public is that disabled people's lives—not their deaths—are the tragedy.
On March 1st, join the Beloit Cross-Disability Coalition in remembering people with disabilities who lost their lives at the hands of family members or caregivers. We will remember those we have lost and remind the world that their lives had value.

The vigil will take place in front of Eaton Chapel at Beloit College, with refreshments and discussion to occur afterwards in Mathers Lounge in Pearsons Hall.

General trigger warning relating to the vigil:
During the vigil, we will be reading a list of the names of those murdered. If you are uncomfortable with this portion of the event, but would still like to be a part of the event as a whole, you are more than welcome to meet us in Pearsons after we have finished reading the names. We will make this announcement again before we start reading the names, and give anyone who wants to a chance to head to Pearsons Hall. We won't think badly of anyone who is unable to stay for this part, and ask that everyone else please be respectful of this as well.

“Mourn for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.”
— Mother Jones
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Title of Show

7:30 PM
An author and composer/lyricist have three weeks to create a groundbreaking musical, but they don't yet have a title, a plot or a plan. They decide to make a musical...about making a musical! This Obie award-winning meta-theatrical comedy chronicles its own creation as an entry in the New York Musical Theatre Festival.
Event Admission Fee: $7, $9, $12