| Wednesday, 21 February 2018 |
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SmartPen Tabling

11:15 AM
What are SmartPens? If you're curious, come to DK's from 11:00am-12:30pm on September 12th to find out!
SmartPens are great for notetaking assistance, and all of your notes can be electronically saved and organized on your laptop. You can demo one at our table or learn to better utilize your own.
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Faculty Forum

12:00 PM
Faculty Forum: John Kaufmann, Theatre, Dance, and Media Studies
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Academic Senate

4:00 PM
Academic Senate Meeting
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Reception for "East on I-90": Photographs by Hannah Yee

4:30 PM
Opening reception for Gallery ABBA's first art show of the year!
'East on I-90’ by Hannah Yee is a collection of photographs taken on a road trip across America.
Free and open to the public, light refreshments and snacks will be served.
Exhibition runs through March 9th.
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Men's Lacrosse At Augustana College

4:30 PM
Watch the game live here:
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Drop-In Organizational Tutoring

7:00 PM

Drop-In Organizational Tutors are available to help you get organized throughout the semester. Our tutors can help you:

Break tasks down into simpler, less intimidating steps
Develop time-management skills and techniques
Prioritize competing projects and responsibilities
Improve your note-taking abilities
Locate resources for improving your academic performance
Become more self-motivated and think about the best learning strategies for your needs
And develop study skills.

Bring all course syllabi and your preferred planner or calendar, and an organizational tutor will get you on the right track.
BTYB: Learning Enrichment & Disability Services
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Observatory Open House

7:30 PM
Enjoy at the wonders of the night sky. View stars, planets, and galaxies with 10-inch telescopes, binoculars, and the unaided eye as the Beloit College Physics and Astronomy department hosts an Observatory Open House. In the event of cloudy weather, there will be an astronomy Q & A in room 150 in the Center for the Sciences.