| Wednesday, 1 November 2017 |
Global event

(HWC) Signup: Massage Therapy

12:00 PM
Sign up for a free 15 minute chair massage on 11/5 from 3-7pm in the Spirituality Room
Sign Up When: Wednesday 11/1
Sign Up Where: The sign up link will be sent out via stuboard on Wednesday 11/1 at noon.
Event Date: Sunday November 5 in the Spirituality Room. Please show up 5 minutes before you session.
NOTE: To allow as many students to participate in this event series as possible, you CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN TWO CONSECUTIVE EVENTS. This means that if you had a massage at the last event in October, you cannot participate in this event in November.
Global event

Tournées French Film Festival - Beauty and the Beast

7:00 PM
Please join us for the second film of the 2017 Tournées French Film Festival, Beauty and the Beast. The screening is free and open to everyone.
Film Synopsis:
When the beautiful Belle volunteers to take her ruined father’s place as the
prisoner of a mysterious Beast who lives in a castle on the other side of the
forest, an unexpected romance blossoms between the reclusive monster and
the innocent maiden. Soon the question arises whether the real monster is
the Beast or Belle’s avaricious siblings…especially since the Beast is actually
a cursed Prince (played by the uncannily handsome Jean Marais). A defining
influence on filmmakers as different as Ingmar Bergman and François Truffaut,
this adaptation of the classic fairy tale by iconoclastic novelist, playwright,
artist, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau is that rare film that truly deserves to be
called “magical,” a deeply ambiguous yet supremely romantic work that turns
cinema into a spectacular conjurer’s trick, full of magic mirrors and golden
keys, misty woods and ominous palaces. Shot in atmospheric black and white
by the great cinematographer Henri Alekan, Beauty and the Beast is rightly
considered one of the absolute masterpieces of French cinema, a film fantasy
that Cocteau said was “for grown-ups who haven’t lost their childhood” …or for
children ready to marvel at the best that cinema can offer.