| Wednesday, 4 October 2017 |
Global event

(HWC) Signup: Massage Therapy

12:00 PM
Sign up for a free 15 minute chair massage on 10/8 from 3-7pm in the Spirituality Room
Sign Up When: Wednesday 10/4
Sign Up Where: The sign up link will be sent out via stuboard on Wednesday 10/4 at noon.
Event Date: Sunday October 8 in the Spirituality Room . Please show up 5 minutes before you session.
NOTE: To allow as many students to participate in this event series as possible, you CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN TWO CONSECUTIVE EVENTS. This means that if you had a massage at the last event in September, you cannot participate in this event in October.
Global event

Real Talk: Immigration, Legal Status, and Sanctuary in 2017

7:00 PM
This event features a roundtable discussion and audience participation.
Topics include pressing issues facing immigrants in the US today:

Rights of immigrants (documented and undocumented, student and non-student)
State and federal policies
Protocols of local and campus law enforcement
Advocacy strategies
The meaning of sanctuary status
Panelists include representatives from the local community, including immigration attorneys, the police chief of the Beloit Police Department, the Beloit College Provost, and Beloit faculty.