| Monday, 20 February 2017 |
Global event

#Herstory: Black Women at Beloit College

7:00 PM
Dreamgirls, a black women support group, will be hosting #Herstory: Black Women at Beloit College, to discuss black women's resilience at Beloit College. Ms. Namoonga Mantina will facilitate the discussion with Dr. Lisa Anderson-Levy, Mrs. Erica Daniels, Dr. Sonya Johnson, and Ms. Marijuana Sawyer to explore the ways that black women have combated isolation and oppression in a space that was not built for them. Use this panel to help understand the importance of recognizing the effects of intersectionality on black women, and applying this knowledge to push forward on Beloit College’s effort in being an anti-racist institution. We hope to see many faces there as we shed light on a issue that is often overlooked.