| Thursday, 15 February 2018 |
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Dean's Office Thursday Lunch

11:30 AM
Dean's Office Thursday Lunch for faculty and staff. Cost for lunch is $5.00; no RSVP is needed.
Event Admission Fee: $5.00
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Let’s Be Real: The Power and Presence of Black Women at Beloit College

4:00 PM
An opportunity to celebrate, honor, and talk about the important role of Black women at Beloit College.
Refreshments served at 4:00; conversation to begin at 4:15.
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ASP Meeting

4:00 PM
Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASP) Meeting
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Rachel Brown Public Talk: Migrant Domestic Workers in Israel/Palestine

4:30 PM
"Migrant Domestic Workers in Israel/Palestine: Organizing Amidst Permanent Temporariness and Territorial Expansion" Dr. Rachel H. Brown Assistant Professor, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Washington University in St. Louis.
This talk examines the politics of resistance to worker exploitation among migrant domestic workers in Israel/Palestine, where migrant workers are both “permanently temporary,” holding no path to citizenship, and where the “host” government is continually undertaking a project of territorial expansion. Based upon interviews with Filipina, Indian, Nepalese and Sri Lankan domestic workers, it examines how migrant domestic workers build networks of mutual aid and strategically choose when to adopt rhetoric human rights that connects their struggles to that of other marginalized populations in Israel. The talk suggests what U.S. citizen-allies can learn from the case of migrant worker organizing for human rights in Israel/Palestine about solidarity efforts with migrant workers in other areas of territorial contestation where migrants are “permanently temporary.”
Dr. Brown's lecture will be followed by discussion/Q&A.
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(HWC) Kickboxing

5:30 PM
(STUDENTS ONLY) This class uses a variety of non-contact martial arts inspired styles to provide an amazing cardio workout. Learn proper kickboxing technique and kick and punch your way out of stress.
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EDYS Guest Speaker Adam Nelson

7:00 PM
Please Join the Education and Youth Studeis as we host Adam Nelson to speak on his topic," Citizens or Cosmopolitans? Constructing Scientific Identity in the Early American College"
Adam Nelson (Ph.D., Brown University) is Chair of the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Professor of Educational Policy Studies and History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He works on the history of American education and higher education. His research has included projects on the history of radical and experimental education, the history of federal education policy (including bilingual education, special education for the disabled, and desegregation), and the history of higher education in both the United States and Europe. His publications include Education and Democracy: The Meaning of Alexander Meiklejohn, 1872-1964 (2001); The Elusive Ideal: Equal Educational Opportunity and the Federal Role in Boston’s Public Schools (2005); Education and the Culture of Print in Modern America, co-edited with John L. Rudolph (2010); and The Global University: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives, co-edited with Ian P. Wei (2012). He is currently writing a pair of books titled Capital of Mind: American Colleges and the Making of a Modern Knowledge Economy, 1730-1830, and Empire of Knowledge: Nationalism, Internationalism, and American Science, 1780-1830. His research has been funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard, the Advanced Studies Fellowship Program at Brown, and the Vilas Associate Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2015-16, he served as President of the History of Education Society (U.S.).